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How Fashion and Inspiration Can Help You Find Your Next Hairstyle


We hope you are hanging in there as we wait for the end of winter. Even though it may not seem like it, spring is just around the corner. And all of the color and change that it brings tend to stir up feelings of change in us as well.

As a result, you may be thinking of doing something different with your hair color. Maybe you know exactly what you want to do. Maybe you are at a loss for where to start.

Either way, we can help.

At Capretti and Company, we work hard to sharpen our skills, both technically and creatively, so that we can use this knowledge to create a personalized experience for each of our guests.

Team members, Renee and Brittany, were able to practice doing just that at their recent color class with Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for hair color.

The class focused on building a skill set of techniques instead of learning one specific look. Doing this gives stylists the freedom to combine techniques in whatever way they choose so that the look is tailored to you.

This allows creativity to take the front seat, giving you your own truly customized color from whatever inspires you. Or what inspires us.

Ian also shared with them some amazing color formulas influenced by the Pantone colors of the year.

(This year it is Living Coral) A fitting color to choose, as it brings attention to the plight of our ocean’s declining reefs.

If you are interested in learning more, read about it here:

Celebrating Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, like the fashion industry, is quite common. Yet, it can be a challenge to translate that look into something you would actually want to wear.

For example, it’s not very often we get someone asking to walk around looking exactly like, well, whatever is going on here….

But have you ever looked at a runway model or a fashion shoot and thought,

“Wow, that looks absolutely ridiculous.” And yet, there was something about it that caught your eye?

Was it the way the model's hair color complimented her skin?

Maybe you liked how the look was edgy.

Or glamorous.

Perhaps you are drawn to beautiful color palettes, like Pantone’s, mentioned earlier.

Whatever it may be that inspires you, just let us know, and we can work with you to create your very own look!

If you already know exactly what you want, we can help you determine if it is a look you should invest in.

For instance, maybe the time, money, and maintenance required for an all over bleach out and fashion color isn’t for you. But a few face framing highlights toned into, perhaps a gorgeous coral tone, might be just the thing!

So, if you would like to get some new ideas on how to spice up your color, or are thinking of something different, talk to your stylist. We would love to help you choose a new look.

If you are thinking of trying Aveda color, give us a call to set up a consultation and see if it is a good fit for you!

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