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How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer


We are still working on our post about the fabulous Worldhood Cincinnati hair color class.

But until then, we thought we would share with you some tips about a topic that comes up a lot in the salon.

Our stylists often get the question, "How can I make my hair color last as long as possible?"

That is a great question that anyone investing in a hair color service should ask. Who wouldn’t want to keep that feeling you have when walking out of the salon with fresh, gorgeous color as long as possible?

Here are 4 things that we like to recommend that to keep your color looking great:

1. Try not to wash your hair for 48 hours, or longer, after your service

When your stylist applies permanent color to your hair it starts opening the cuticle (the layered outermost part of the hair shaft) in order to deposit the color molecule of choice into the cortex (which is located under the cuticle). As the color processes, it starts closing the cuticle layer back down. However, it can take up to 48 hours for it to fully close. Once that happens, the color molecules will stay in the hair longer. Washing your hair too early can interfere with this process.

Some stylists recommend even waiting 72 hours if that is something you can do. If possible, try to avoid working out in that time period as well because even rinsing your hair can affect the longevity of your color.

If the idea of going so long without washing makes you go “Ewww”... do yourself a favor, and get a good dry shampoo (we may know of one) It will change your life!

2. Use products designed for color treated hair and heat protection

Using a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair makes sense. It goes one step further in keeping your color looking better longer by avoiding ingredients that strip the color back out of the hair.

Heat styling also fades color fast, so every time you do it, be sure to prep your hair with a product that provides heat protection. This step is essential for the health of your hair even if it is not colored and you regularly heat style.

3. Take extra care if your hair may be exposed to chlorine or a lot of sun

Did you plan your color appointment before your big beach vacation? Make sure you use a UV filtering product (think sunscreen for your hair) or get a stylish hat to take with you. It will make a big difference in helping to keep your new color from fading in the sun.

Chlorine also causes a lot of fading. It will strip color out of your hair faster than you can make that lap in the pool. And in extreme cases, can even make the hair harder to color.

If you can’t avoid exposing your hair to chlorine, be sure to use a chelating shampoo. They are different from clarifying shampoos in that they are better suited for getting chlorine, as well as metals and minerals, out of your hair.

4. Avoid washing or rinsing with hot water

Hot showers may feel great, but lukewarm temperature or cooler works best to keep your color from fading fast. If you have to, at least adjust the water temperature from hot to cool just when washing and rinsing your hair.

Are you doing these things now? If you are, fantastic! If not, try and follow the suggestions that apply to you after your next appointment. Get the most out of your hair color investment.

~The Capretti Team

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