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Meet the Capretti Family: Angela

Our featured stylist today is Angela!

Angela has been doing hair since she attended her high school vo-tech program about 19 years ago and later she attended Empire Beauty school. Her career with Capretti and Company began in 2013.

Angela loves using her creative abilities to make the women in her chair feel good about themselves. She uses her talent to design a wide variety of hairstyles.

When she isn’t doing hair she enjoys spending her free time with her two sons Nycholas and Ayden. When possible she loves relaxing at the beach and hopes to live close to the shore some day.

Tattoos are another passion of hers, as her clients know. (She has quite a collection!)

Anyone who knows her also knows about her love of music. She spends her free time going to concerts and enjoying music related activities. Her favorite band is 311 and her mantra is actually a quote of theirs as she feels they are important words to live by.

Angela’s mantra: “Stay positive and love your life!”

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