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Meet the Capretti Family: Jill

This week we just wanted to take a minute to start introducing you to our team members. We will be adding posts on all of our "family" so stay posted for more!

Jill earned her cosmetology license in 2008. After moving to Pittsburgh, she joined the Capretti family in 2011.

Jill loves getting creative with hair color and specializes in highlights and balayage.

She is quite passionate about other things besides hair, with family being at the top of the list, and the show Survivor being a close second. (I know this girl, and she isn’t kidding!)

She also likes to run marathons, when she isn’t running after her adorable twins that is.

As a hobby she enjoys baking and is very good at it. With her present busy work and family life she usually doesn’t have the time or energy to bake as much as she would like.

So for now, her current favorite hobby is “Sleeping and drinking wine.”

Jill’s mantra: “Eat, drink, and be happy!”

If you would like to see some of Jill's work click here

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