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Meet the Capretti Family: Karen

This week our featured stylist is Karen!

Karen earned her cosmetology license in 2015 through the salon apprenticeship program and has been working at Capretti and Company since shortly before graduating high school.

She loves all aspects of hairdressing but especially enjoys doing gorgeous balayage and hair styling on her clients.

Karen’s kind and pleasant demeanor endear her to her friends and family with whom she is passionate about spending time with. She also enjoys volunteering on her days off to help others as much as possible.

She enjoys cooking delicious Hispanic food from scratch and can cook up some amazing dishes. Recently she has been expanding her palate more and also appreciates other types of cuisine (especially bacon)

She loves dancing and enjoys Latin dance styles such as Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, and Bachata. With all that dancing it’s no wonder she also counts sleeping as a favorite pastime! Even with her busy schedule, she never gets tired of learning and likes to try new things!

Karen’s mantra: Big journeys begin with small steps.

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